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NAT-ICOM Sample Test

NAT-ICOM or NAT for Commerce Practice Test

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    Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate word, from the given lettered choices (A to D) below each.

  1. 1)

    Earthquakes cause vibrations to pass _____ around the earth in wave form.

    • A) through
    • B) through the
    • C) through an
    • D) through and

  2. Each question below consists of a related pair of words, followed by five lettered pairs of words. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.

  3. 2)

    MAN: ROBOT::

    • A) original: counterfeit
    • B) true: sham
    • C) brain: computer
    • D) object: image

  4. Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.

  5. 3)


    • A) Greedy
    • B) sympathetic
    • C) generous
    • D) niggardly

  6. Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized ones.

  7. 4)


    • A) ambush
    • B) corner
    • C) precarious
    • D) group
    • E) delirium

  8. Read the passage to answer question 5-8 Since the 1980s, the biggest influence on business has been electronic technology. Computers are being used for inventory control, sales analysis and forecasting, distribution control, and budget analysis. At-home electronic shopping is becoming commonplace. With this system, consumers view merchandise on a computer monitor and then use a modem, which links the computer to a telephone line, to signal the goods they want to order. Just as traveling salesman once brought wares to the home, electronic technology makes it possible for modern consumers to see and select from any array of goods in their homes.

  9. 5)

    The word “forecasting” is closest in meaning to

    • A) prediction
    • B) efficiency
    • C) accounting
    • D) decision making

  10. 6)

    The word “modem” refers to a type of

    • A) electronic shopping
    • B) electronic device
    • C) telephone
    • D) computer screen

  11. 7)

    The word “wares” is closest in meaning to

    • A) clothing
    • B) items for sale
    • C) messages
    • D) household appliances

  12. 8)

    The word “array” is closest in meaning to

    • A) pair
    • B) container
    • C) category
    • D) collection

  13. Analytical Reasoning

    According to Albert Einstein's famous theory of relativity, time travel is theoretically possible. Assuming that time travel were to be made possible through some technological breakthrough, it would be advantageous to send someone back in time to prevent the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 and thus keep World War I from ever occurring.

  14. 9)

    The argument above makes which of the following assumptions?

    • A) It is not possible to alter a significant current in world history merely by changing a single event
    • B) The technology necessary for time travel is likely to be developed in the near future
    • C) If Franz Ferdinand had not been assassinated, some other catalytic event would have led to the start of World War I
    • D) The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was the crucial event that triggered the start of Word War I
    • E) If time travel were to be developed in the future, evidence of time travelers would be apparent to those living today

  15. Questions 10-15 In a telecommunications-cable assembly plant, cables are assembled by twisting plastic-coated wires together. There are wires of exactly six different solid colors red, yellow, violet, green, white and black. Wires must be assembled into single cables according to the following rules: Each cable must contain at least three wires and wires of at least three different colors. At most two wires in a single cable can be black. At most two wires in a single cable can be white. There can be at most one wire of each of the other colors in a single cable. If one wire is red, then one wire must be yellow. If one wire is violet, then no wire can be green.

  16. 10)

    Which of the following could be the-complete set of wires in an acceptable cable?

    • A) A green wire, a white wire, and a violet wire
    • B) A violet wire, a black wire, and a white wire
    • C) A red wire, a black wire, and a green wire
    • D) A yellow wire and exactly two black wires
    • E) Exactly two black wires and exactly two white wires

  17. 11)

    The maximum number of wires that can be used in an acceptable cable is

    • A) 8
    • B) 7
    • C) 6
    • D) 5
    • E) 4

  18. 12)

    If exactly one black wire and exactly one white wire are used in an assembled cable, which of the following must be true?

    • A) The cable contains no more than five wires
    • B) The cable contains exactly six wires
    • C) The cable contains a yellow wire
    • D) The cable does not contain a red wire
    • E) The cable does not contain a violet wire

  19. 13)

    If a white wire and a violet wire must be among the wires chosen for a particular cable, any of the following pairs of wires could complete the cable EXCEPT a:

    • A) black wire and a second white wire
    • B) yellow wire and a second white wire
    • C) yellow wire and a black wire
    • D) red wire and a yellow wire
    • E) red wire and a black wire

  20. 14)

    If an assembled cable consists of exactly five wires, each a different color, it could be true that a color NOT used is

    • A) black
    • B) White
    • C) Green
    • D) Red
    • E) Yellow

  21. 15)

    If there is an additional requirement that violet must be used if yellow is used, which of the following must be true?

    • A) No cable contains fewer than six wires
    • B) No cable contains more than five wires
    • C) Green is never used if red is used
    • D) Red is always used if violet is used
    • E) Black is used exactly once if yellow is used

  22. Quantitative

  23. 16)

    The circumference of a circle whose diameter is 7 inches is approximately:

    • A) 22 inches
    • B) 28 inches
    • C) 38 inches
    • D) 154 inches
    • E) 14 inches

  24. 17)

    What is 15% of 32?

    • A) 4
    • B) 3.50
    • C) 4.80
    • D) 3.80

  25. 18)

    Solve the following equation for x:


    • A) 8
    • B) 10
    • C) 6
    • D) 14

  26. 19)

    At a dairy it takes 90 seconds to fill 30 one-gallon jugs of milk. How many minutes does it take to fill 90 jugs of milk?

    • A) 1
    • B) 3
    • C) 3.5
    • D) 4
    • E) 4.5

  27. 20)

    A number that is divisible by both 6 and 8 is also divisible by:

    • A) 5
    • B) 9
    • C) 11
    • D) 16
    • E) 24

  28. Economics

  29. 21)

    In his General Theory of Employment, Keynes pointed out that:

    • A) the economy automatically tends toward full employment equilibrium
    • B) if there is unemployment, there is also likely to be inflation
    • C) the economy may be in equilibrium at less than full employment
    • D) the interest rate is insignificant
    • E) with flexible wages and prices, fluctuations in unemploy¬ment would disappear

  30. 22)

    The average tax rate is equal to the:

    • A) Total tax liability divided by taxable income
    • B) Rate that will be paid on the next dollar of taxable income
    • C) Median marginal tax rate
    • D) Percentage increase in taxable income from the previous period

  31. 23)

    The rate at which a firm can substitute one factor for another while still producing the same level of output is known as the:

    • A) Degree of returns to scale
    • B) Marginal rate of substitution
    • C) Marginal rate of technical substitution
    • D) Marginal physical product

  32. 24)



  33. Commerce

  34. 25)

    In Pakistan partnership business is conducted under partnership Act:

    • A) 1932
    • B) 1984
    • C) 1962
    • D) 1979

  35. 26)

    The wholesaler has which of the following characteristics?

    • A) He sells goods to retailers.
    • B) He sells goods to consumer.
    • C) He sells goods to Manufacturer.
    • D) None of the above.

  36. 27)

    The winding up of sole trader ship:

    • A) Require legal formality
    • B) Does not require legal formality or restriction
    • C) According to Situation
    • D) None of the above

  37. 28)



  38. Accounting

  39. 29)

    A receipt and payments account is one:

    • A) Which is accompanied by a balance sheet
    • B) In which the profit is calculated
    • C) In which the opening and closing cash balances are shown
    • D) In which the surplus of income over expenditure is calculated

  40. 30)

    Which of the following is correct?

    • A) Profit does not alter Capital
    • B) Profit reduces capital
    • C) Capital can only comes from Profit
    • D) Profit increases capital

  41. 31)

    Cash discount is provided on:

    • A) Sales
    • B) Purchases
    • C) Sales and purchases
    • D) Prompt payments

  42. 32)