Introduction to Psychology Quiz, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    A child who gives many answers in response to a question resorts to the process of ______________.

    • A) Convergent thinking
    • B) Latent thinking
    • C) Divergent thinking
    • D) Critical thinking

  2. 2)

    Identify the correct order in the multi-store model of human memory?

    • A) L TM, Sensory register, STM, rehearsal buffer
    • B) Sensory register, STM, rehearsal buffer, L TM
    • C) Rehearsal buffer, Sensory register, STM, L TM
    • D) STM, Sensory register, rehearsal buffer, L TM

  3. 3)

    A type pf thinking which is aimed at solving problems or creating something new is called:

    • A) Creative thinking
    • B) Autistic thinking
    • C) Directed thinking
    • D) Symbolic thinking

  4. 4)

    Which one of the following best supports the heuristic approach of problem solving?

    • A) Trying different responses until one works
    • B) Following a rule that guarantees a solution to a specific type of problem
    • C) Applying solutions that were previously successful with other problems similar in underlying structure
    • D) Employing rules of thumb suggested by our experience that are often used to solve problems

  5. 5)

    ________________are enduring dimensions of personality characteristics that differentiate a person from others.

    • A) Behaviour
    • B) Personality
    • C) Traits
    • D) All of the given options

  6. 6)

    In _____________________ defense mechanism, a person reverts back to a stage that was satisfying.

    • A) Sublimation
    • B) Repression
    • C) Denial
    • D) Regression

  7. 7)

    Hunger, thirst and sleep are the________________.

    • A) Learnt motives
    • B) Primary motives
    • C) Social motives
    • D) None of the given options

  8. 8)

    According to ______________ theory, physiological changes create specific sensations, and our brain interprets these sensations as different emotions.

    • A) James- Lange Theory of Emotions
    • B) Cannon- Bard Theory of Emotions
    • C) Opponent- Process Theory
    • D) Activation Theory

  9. 9)

    As Saadia is walking across the campus, a car swerves toward her. Her heart beat races and sweat breaks out as she jumps out of harm’s way. This mobilization of energy is due to the action of Saadia’s __________ system:

    • A) Sympathetic
    • B) Para sympathetic
    • C) Somatic nervous
    • D) Skeleton nervous

  10. 10)

    What two categories of dream content did Sigmund Frued described?

    • A) Latent and manifest
    • B) Poetic and realistic
    • C) Delusional and hallucinatory
    • D) Literal and symbolic