Introduction to Sociology Quiz, MCQs

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    Which of the following is involved when a surgeon chooses not to operate on her own son because the personal involvement of motherhood could impair her professional objectivity as a physician?

    • A) Role strain
    • B) Role ambiguity
    • C) Role conflict
    • D) Role exit

  2. 2)

    Jessica joined an organization to pursue the goals which she considered morally worthwhile. Identify the type of organization.

    • A) Utilitarian
    • B) Coercive
    • C) Normative
    • D) Bureaucracy

  3. 3)

    In some cases XYZ religion people feel their own culture as superior to others, they show:

    • A) Globalism
    • B) Xeno-centerism
    • C) Multiculturalism
    • D) Ethnocentrism

  4. 4)

    Lack of interest in success but supports the means is ________, mode of adoption.

    • A) Innovation
    • B) Retreatism
    • C) Rebellion
    • D) Ritualism

  5. 5)

    ________ is process whereby people learn through interaction with others.

    • A) Childhood
    • B) Interaction
    • C) Socialization
    • D) Change

  6. 6)

    A social system based largely on individual achievement and it permits considerable social mobility is recognized as:

    • A) Closed system
    • B) Open system
    • C) Traditional system
    • D) Feudal system

  7. 7)

    Which one of the following is not included in theories of Biological explanations of deviance?

    • A) Body type
    • B) XYY’ theory
    • C) Intelligence
    • D) Personality disorders

  8. 8)

    The greater the person’s access to legitimate opportunity, the greater the advantages of conformity was the idea presented by:

    • A) Robert k Merton
    • B) Ceasare Lombroso
    • C) W. Reckless
    • D) T. Hirschi

  9. 9)

    Which founding sociologist identified the bourgeoisie and proletariat classes?

    • A) Karl Marx
    • B) Herbert Spencer
    • C) Emile Durkheim
    • D) Max Weber

  10. 10)

    Which of the three perspectives in Sociology focuses on one-on-one relationships?

    • A) Differential Association Theory
    • B) Conflict Theory
    • C) Symbolic Interactionism
    • D) Functionalism