Circuit Theory Quiz#3, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    Avalanche breakdown is primarily dependent on the phenomenon of

    • A) Collision
    • B) Doping
    • C) Ionization
    • D) Recombination

  2. 2)

    Without a DC source a clipper acts like a

    • A) Rectifier
    • B) Clamper
    • C) Demodulator
    • D) Chopper

  3. 3)

    The clipping level is primarily determined by

    • A) Shape of the input waveform
    • B) Battery voltage
    • C) Value of the resistor
    • D) Knee voltage of the diode

  4. 4)

    The base region of a p-n-p transistor is

    • A) Very thin and heavily doped with holes
    • B) Very thin and heavily doped with electrons
    • C) Very thin and lightly doped with holes
    • D) Very thin and lightly doped with electrons

  5. 5)

    Converting 12v voltage source into current source, value of converted current source source will be

    • A) 3mA
    • B) 2mA
    • C) 48mA
    • D) 1mA

  6. 6)

    Charge of 2c and 5c will

    • A) attract each other
    • B) repel each other
    • C) no effect
    • D) cancel each other

  7. 7)

    Which battery applies a greater potential difference?

    • A) 12v
    • B) 1.5v
    • C) 10v
    • D) 0.5v

  8. 8)

    When one resistance in a series string is open

    • A) The current is maximum in the normal resistances.
    • B) The current is zero in all resistances
    • C) The voltage is zero across the open resistance
    • D) The current increases in voltage source

  9. 9)

    Addition of impurities in semiconductor material to produce more current is called

    • A) dopping
    • B) bonding
    • C) excitation
    • D) intrinsic

  10. 10)

    A diode is a

    • A) one way conductor
    • B) two way conductor
    • C) three way conductor
    • D) insulator