Discrete Mathematics Quiz#4, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    If a and b are any positive integers with b≠0 and q and r are non negative integers such that a= b.q+r then

    • A) gcd(a,b)=gcd(b,r)
    • B) gcd(a,b)=gcd(b,r)
    • C) gcd(a,q)=gcd(q,r)

  2. 2)

    A circuit with one input and one output signal is called.

    • A) NOT-gate
    • B) OR- gate
    • C) AND- gate
    • D) None of these

  3. 3)

    What is the probability that a randomly chosen positive two-digit number is a multiple of 6?

    • A) 0.5213
    • B) 0.123
    • C) 1.5
    • D) 0.167

  4. 4)

    How many different ways can three of the letters of the word BYTES be chosen if the first letter must be B ?

    • A) P(4,2)
    • B) P(2,4)
    • C) C(4,2)
    • D) None of these

  5. 5)

    On the set of graphs the graph isomorphism is

    • A) Isomorphic Invariant
    • B) Equivalence relation
    • C) Reflexive relation

  6. 6)

    A matrix in which number of rows and columns are equal is called

    • A) Rectangular Matrix
    • B) Square Matrix
    • C) Scalar Matrix

  7. 7)

    The word "algorithm" refers to a step-by-step method for performing some action.

    • A) True
    • B) False

  8. 8)

    The expectation of x is equal to

    • A) Sum of all terms
    • B) Sum of all terms divided by number of terms
    • C) åxf (x)

  9. 9)

    Suppose that there are eight runners in a race first will get gold medal the second will get siver and third will get bronze. How many different ways are there to award these medals if all possible outcomes of race can occur and there is no tie.

    • A) P(8,3)
    • B) P(100,97)
    • C) P(97,3)
    • D) None of these

  10. 10)

    P(n) is called proposition or statement.

    • A) True
    • B) False