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English Comprehension

Quiz # 2, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    The Scottish Parliament has appointed Mr. Maley to ......... an assessment of the current cost estimate and likely completion date of a new information technology project.

    • A) carry off
    • B) carry out
    • C) carry on
    • D) carry ove

  2. 2)

    Which suffix can correctly be added to the root word 'electric' to make a new word?

    • A) ed
    • B) ian
    • C) sion
    • D) y

  3. 3)

    European cuisine always ......... a sense of nostalgia and romance, like running into an old flame

    • A) evolves
    • B) evinces
    • C) evokes
    • D) evicts

  4. 4)

    One of the most beautiful things about Jakarta is its ......... wealth from both within the archipelago and around the world.

    • A) Coronary
    • B) Culinary
    • C) Cautionary
    • D) Hasty

  5. 5)

    Read the statement carefully and choose ‘inference’ from the given options.
    If you go to a Mexican restaurant, you can infer that:

    • A) They will not serve tea.
    • B) They will have hot dogs on the men
    • C) They have specialized in Mexican food
    • D) They will have the best food in the town.

  6. 6)

    Identify the grammatical error in the following sentence.
    "In 2005, superstar, 50 Cent, was placed on the Forbes Celebrity Top 100 list."

    • A) Comma splice
    • B) Misplaced modifier
    • C) Dangling modifier
    • D) Punctuation error

  7. 7)

    "The politicians in office today need to start looking for a solution to our Social Security program running out of funds instead of passing the buck to the next people in line," George said to Luke. "You ......... it! I am sick of hearing about problems in this country and never hearing about any solutions.

    • A) thought
    • B) meant
    • C) Post
    • D) said

  8. 8)

    Label the statement given below by choosing the most appropriate tone from the options.
    Australia will win the World Cup.

    • A) sympathetic
    • B) humorous
    • C) sentimental
    • D) Optimistic

  9. 9)

    The sentence below contains a comma splice. Select the answer that corrects the comma splice without creating any new errors.
    Jarrod has an interview with a television company, I might become his assistant.

    • A) Jarod has an interview with a television company, I might become his assistant.
    • B) After Jarod has an interview with a television company, he might hire me as his assistant.

  10. 10)

    Which is the correct spelling?

    • A) coriddor
    • B) Corredor
    • C) Corridor
    • D) coridor