Management Quiz#2, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    The father of industrial psychology is:

    • A) Robert Owen
    • B) Hugo Munsterberg
    • C) Mary parker Follett
    • D) Max Weber

  2. 2)

    Environment reacts to the output of organization and provides:

    • A) Feed forward
    • B) Input
    • C) Output
    • D) Feedback

  3. 3)

    Which of the following styles of decision making is characterized by individuals who prefer complete information and consider several alternatives?

    • A) Analytic
    • B) Conceptual
    • C) Directive
    • D) Behavioral

  4. 4)

    The intent of which of the following is to reduce uncertainty by playing out potential situations under different specific conditions?

    • A) Project management
    • B) Scheduling
    • C) Environmental analysis
    • D) Scenario planning

  5. 5)

    Which of the following is an area in the environment that if exploited may generate high performance for organization?

    • A) Strength
    • B) Weakness
    • C) Opportunity
    • D) Threat

  6. 6)

    Which of the following is a system in which specific performance objectives are jointly determined by subordinates and their superiors and progress towards objectives is periodically reviewed?

    • A) Management by objective
    • B) Management by resources
    • C) Management by authority
    • D) Management by system

  7. 7)

    Most managers believe that if an MBO (program is to be successful, it must start at:

    • A) Non-managerial level
    • B) Top Level
    • C) Middle level
    • D) Lower level

  8. 8)

    A firm that stops buying supplies from other companies and begins to provide its own supplies, has diversified through:

    • A) Forward vertical integration
    • B) Backward vertical integration
    • C) Forward horizontal integration
    • D) Backward horizontal integration

  9. 9)

    In BCG matrix which of the following businesses have the largest share of a rapidly growing market?

    • A) Cash cow
    • B) Question mark
    • C) Star
    • D) Dogs

  10. 10)

    The degree to which tasks in an organization are divided into separate jobs is called:

    • A) Centralization
    • B) Span of control
    • C) Chain of command
    • D) Work specialization