Web Design and Development Quiz#3, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    A --------in HashMap is associated with each object that is stored.

    • A) None of the given options
    • B) Key
    • C) Value
    • D) Attribute

  2. 2)

    Which of the following must be used to compare the values of two strings?

    • A) = operator
    • B) == operator
    • C) equals() method
    • D) compare() method

  3. 3)

    Mouse events can be trapped for ________ GUI component.

    • A) JFrame
    • B) JPanel
    • C) JButton
    • D) All of the given options

  4. 4)

    Port is a transport address to which processes can ________ for connections request.

    • A) read
    • B) Write
    • C) Listen
    • D) None of the given options

  5. 5)

    In which file do we define a servlet mapping?

    • A) Web.xml
    • B) index.html
    • C) Servlet.xml
    • D) None of the given options

  6. 6)

    Which of the following is appropriate for Page-with-Bean approach?

    • A) The code becomes a mixture of presentation, business and data access logic.
    • B) The maintenance of the application becomes a nightmare.
    • C) A lot of code is also get duplicated.
    • D) All the business logic goes into one application

  7. 7)

    ------------- can be used to specify dynamic attribute values for JSTL actions without using full-blown programming language.

    • A) EL
    • B) RT
    • C) Both EL and RT
    • D) None of these

  8. 8)

    The dot operator in Expression Language typically used for accessing the --------------------of an object.

    • A) Properties
    • B) Elements
    • C) Values
    • D) Attributes

  9. 9)

    Which of the following is not part of http response?

    • A) Result Code
    • B) URI
    • C) Header fields
    • D) Body

  10. 10)

    Web server is software which provides services to access _________.

    • A) Internet
    • B) Intranet
    • C) Extranet
    • D) All of the given