Organizational Behavior Quiz, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    After which stage of group development the group formed a common set of expectations of member behaviors

    • A) Norming
    • B) Storming
    • C) Maturation
    • D) Forming

  2. 2)

    What does MBO provide for the individual employee?

    • A) Specific personal performance objectives
    • B) Precise job descriptions
    • C) Explicit task objectives
    • D) Clear direction and purpose

  3. 3)

    Management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling were first classified by:

    • A) Henry Mintzeberg
    • B) Henri Fayol
    • C) Marry Parker
    • D) Stephen Covey

  4. 4)

    The Big Five Model of Personality contains all of the following dimensions EXCEPT:

    • A) Extroversion
    • B) Introversion
    • C) Emotional stability
    • D) Agreeableness

  5. 5)

    Studies indicate that which of the following tends to decrease with increased tenure?

    • A) Job satisfaction
    • B) Productivity
    • C) Absenteeism
    • D) Raises and promotion

  6. 6)

    The organizational design of ZIA enterprise is characterized by a low degree of departmentalization, wide spans of control, authority centralized in a single person, and little formalization. What is the organizational design of ZIA enterprise?

    • A) Bureaucracy
    • B) Matrix organization
    • C) Simple structure
    • D) Team structure

  7. 7)

    An organization has started sending its people to training to help them develop more effective leadership styles. The organization is actually in supporting which of the following?

    • A) Trait theories
    • B) Behavioral theories
    • C) Fiedler’s contingency model
    • D) The reflection effect

  8. 8)

    Several key dimensions to any organization’s environment have been found. Which of the following is one of these key dimensions?

    • A) Productivity
    • B) Complexity
    • C) Interdependence
    • D) Collaboration

  9. 9)

    Which of the following is a structure characterized by extensive departmentalization, high formalization, a limited information network, and centralization?

    • A) Mechanistic model
    • B) Traditional model
    • C) Organic model
    • D) Simple structure

  10. 10)

    The best definition for centralization is a situation in which decision making is:

    • A) Pushed down to lower level employees
    • B) Concentrated at a single point in the organization
    • C) Completed in each department and then sent to the higher-ups
    • D) Diffused among a large segment of employees