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Quiz # 4, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    What is the last thing you need to do before you get ready to distribute your document?

    • A) Designing
    • B) Revising
    • C) Proofreading
    • D) None

  2. 2)

    Feasibility reports are used:

    • A) To analyze problems and predict practical alternatives.
    • B) To control problems, sell products and services.
    • C) To monitor and control production, sales, shipping, etc.
    • D) To solve problems and supply facts.

  3. 3)

    Choose the sentence with the correct comma placement.

    • A) You are I am sure, telling the truth.
    • B) You are I am sure telling, the truth.
    • C) You are, I am sure, telling the truth.
    • D) You are, I am sure telling the truth.

  4. 4)

    Claim letter is also called:

    • A) Transmittal letter
    • B) Credit refusing letter
    • C) Adjustment letter
    • D) Complaint letter

  5. 5)

    -If your message is specific, definite and vivid; which of the following principle has been applied?

    • A) Completeness
    • B) Correctness
    • C) Conciseness
    • D) Concreteness

  6. 6)

    Which of the following suggests the following statement? "First group the ideas and then put them in sequence."

    • A) Revising a message
    • B) Editing a message
    • C) Organizing a message
    • D) Planning a message

  7. 7)

    Which of the following significantly improves the interest of a presentation?

    • A) Illustration
    • B) Visual aids
    • C) Image
    • D) Reflection

  8. 8)

    AIDS stands for:

    • A) Attention Immunodeficiency Syndrome
    • B) Attention Immunodeficiency Syndrome
    • C) Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
    • D) Attention Implement System

  9. 9)

    Choose the correct sentence.

    • A) A friendly-little dog is all I need for company.
    • B) A friendly little dog is all I need for company.
    • C) A friendly, little dog is all I need for company.
    • D) A friendly; little dog is all I need for company.

  10. 10)

    Which of the following messages aim to influence audiences who are inclined to resist, so they depend heavily on strategic planning?

    • A) Considerate messages
    • B) Courteous messages
    • C) Informative messages
    • D) Persuasive messages