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Quiz # 3, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    Which type of letter not only conveys information, but also establishes a contractual relationship between you and the organization or person offering you the position?

    • A) Job application letter
    • B) Acceptance letter
    • C) Inquiry letter
    • D) Transmittal letter

  2. 2)

    Which of the following is the primary vehicle for communication within an organization?

    • A) Letter
    • B) Report
    • C) Memorandum
    • D) Proposal

  3. 3)

    Why do Experts read technical and scientific documents?

    • A) To maintain and expand their own general expertise
    • B) To obtain specific answers to their own research and writing
    • C) To evaluate a document's technical or scientific content.
    • D) All of the above

  4. 4)

    Which phrase should be used while making a presentation?

    • A) Please feel free to interrupt me with questions.
    • B) Don't disturb me while I'm presenting these statistics.
    • C) No, you're wrong. We need more staff.
    • D) Please! No interruptions during the presentation.

  5. 5)

    Which phrase is correct?

    • A) When were you born?
    • B) When you are born?
    • C) When are you born?
    • D) When are you born?

  6. 6)

    Which of the following is best when you don’t need immediate feedback, but you do need speed?

    • A) Written massage
    • B) Electronic message
    • C) Oral massage
    • D) informal massage

  7. 7)

    Which of the following suggests the following statement? "First group the ideas and then put them in sequence."

    • A) Revising a message
    • B) Editing a message
    • C) Organizing a message
    • D) Planning a message

  8. 8)

    A letter or report to a customer from an employer belongs to which kind of communication?

    • A) Official communication
    • B) Officer Communication
    • C) Administrator communication
    • D) Manager Communication

  9. 9)

    Which of the following aims at gathering specific information?

    • A) Letter of claim
    • B) Letter of request
    • C) Letter of inquiry
    • D) Letter of information

  10. 10)

    When you are writing a routine message, what kind of approach will be used?

    • A) The direct approach
    • B) The indirect approach
    • C) The long approach
    • D) None of the above