International Marketing Quiz#3, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    Identify the kind of advantage in which a company take benefit more from controlling the foreign business activity than hiring another company to conduct the business.

    • A) International advantage
    • B) Location advantage
    • C) Comparative advantage
    • D) Multi-domestic advantage

  2. 2)

    When listening to music on the radio, many consumers automatically switch stations when commercials begin to run, and they search until they find another station that is playing music. This tendency is an example of:

    • A) Selective exposure
    • B) Selective perception
    • C) Selective retention
    • D) Selective learning

  3. 3)

    Insurance Company promotes its auto and home insurance by telling consumers, "You're in good hands with this company." To which of the following types of needs is insurance company trying to appeal?

    • A) Personal needs
    • B) Social needs
    • C) Physiological needs
    • D) Safety needs

  4. 4)

    Which of the following describes the process of evaluating each market s attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter in foreign market?

    • A) Market positioning
    • B) Market targeting
    • C) Market segmentation
    • D) Simply targeting

  5. 5)

    Which of the following is the complete expansion of acronym DPI?

    • A) Disposable purchase income
    • B) Disposable permanent income
    • C) Disposable parent income
    • D) Disposable personal income

  6. 6)

    Choose the appropriate sequence that a marketer applies during the process of market targeting.

    • A)1) Market segmentation, 2) Market targeting, 3) Market positioning, 4) Essential marketing activities
    • B) 1) Market segmentation, 2) Market positioning, 3) Market targeting, 4) Essential marketing activities
    • C)1) Market positioning, 2) Market targeting, 3) Market segmentation, 4) Essential marketing activities
    • D) 1) Market targeting, 2) Market segmentation, 3) Market positioning, 4) Essential marketing activities

  7. 7)

    Which of the following is the behavioral segmentation of the consumer markets?

    • A) States, countries and cities
    • B) Family life cycle, income and nationality
    • C) Social class, lifestyle and personality
    • D) Purchase occasion, attitude towards product and benefits sought

  8. 8)

    Behavioral variables of segmentation may include:

    • A) Patterns of consumption
    • B) Brand inconstancy
    • C) Context for business
    • D) Nationality of consumer

  9. 9)

    Mention stage of economic development in which countries is able to produce a wide variety of products?

    • A) Traditional society
    • B) Pre-conditions for take-off
    • C) The drive to maturity
    • D) High Mass Consumption

  10. 10)

    Customers with different needs or responses to marketing activity are categorized in which of the following way?

    • A) Market targeting
    • B) Market segmentation
    • C) Market positioning
    • D) Market targeting and segmentation