International Marketing Quiz#4, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    Select best description why international marketers focus on segmentation?

    • A) To identify their similar need
    • B) To identify their countries
    • C) To identify their best location
    • D) To identify their modern behavior

  2. 2)

    Who ultimately determines brand equity?

    • A) The advertisers
    • B) The employees
    • C) The consumers
    • D) The investors

  3. 3)

    Which of the following is NOT considered in the evaluation criteria of market segmentation?

    • A) Segment size & growth
    • B) Segment s structural analysis
    • C) Company objectives & resources
    • D) Company resources and capabilities

  4. 4)

    Which variable is NOT a part of product differentiation? Process

    • A) Process
    • B) Personnel
    • C) Channel
    • D) Image

  5. 5)

    Identify the concept in which marketers try to create distinct image or identity in the minds of their target customers/consumers?

    • A) Market targeting
    • B) Market positioning
    • C) Market segmentation
    • D) Market repositioning

  6. 6)

    When customers/consumers may have too narrow image of any brand, is distinguish in which of the following way?

    • A) Under positioning
    • B) Over positioning
    • C) Confused positioning
    • D) Doubtful positioning

  7. 7)

    Shopping goods are part of which type of category?

    • A) Consumer product
    • B) Industrial product
    • C) Individual product
    • D) Augmented product

  8. 8)

    Identify the country in which it is considered illegal to put the prices on labels or in any way suggest retail prices.

    • A) Brazil
    • B) Chile
    • C) China
    • D) Niger

  9. 9)

    Choose the most appropriate core purpose of your course international marketing .

    • A) To develop entrepreneurial skills
    • B) To develop marketing skills
    • C) To develop managerial skills
    • D) To develop global awareness

  10. 10)

    When using the Internet as a distribution channel, the evendor must be concerned with a variety of issues. Which of the following would not among those issues?

    • A) Adaptation
    • B) Local contact
    • C) Promotion
    • D) All of these answers are important issues for the e-vendor