Marketing Management Quiz, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    Which of the following stage of product life cycle is most expensive?

    • A) Introduction
    • B) Growth
    • C) Maturity
    • D) Decline

  2. 2)

    In which of the following demand for the product reduces because of technological advances, shifts in consumer tastes and increased competition?

    • A) Introduction stage
    • B) Growth stage
    • C) Maturity stage
    • D) Decline stage

  3. 3)

    Which of the following is the degree to which new product matches the values and experiences of the individuals in the community?

    • A) Innovation communicability
    • B) Innovation divisibility
    • C) Innovation compatibility
    • D) Innovation complexity

  4. 4)

    Which of the following is the leak-proof packaging that provides additional protection for the primary container?

    • A) Primary packaging
    • B) Secondary packaging
    • C) Transport packaging
    • D) Decorative packaging

  5. 5)

    ABC Co., a major Swedish multinational, provides an example of the power of innovative packaging and customer thinking. ABC Co. is involved in which of the following types of packaging that enables milk, fruit juice, and other perishable liquid foods to be distributed without refrigeration?

    • A) Boxes
    • B) Blister packs
    • C) Cartons
    • D) Aseptic packages

  6. 6)

    Which of the following brands is created specifically to counter a competitive threat?

    • A) Premium brand
    • B) Economy brand
    • C) Fighting brand
    • D) Corporate brand

  7. 7)

    When two or more well known brands are combined in an offer it is called:

    • A) Private brand
    • B) Multibrands
    • C) Co-brand
    • D) New brand

  8. 8)

    To attract customers into stores, the store advertises its milk at a price less than cost, hoping that customers will purchase other groceries as well. Milk is acting as which of the following?

    • A) Premium item
    • B) On- sale item
    • C) Discounted item
    • D) Loss leader

  9. 9)

    Which of the following is the basic role of promotion?

    • A) Interpretation
    • B) Communication
    • C) Manipulation
    • D) Information

  10. 10)

    Which of the following is NOT generally recognized as an element of the promotion mix?

    • A) Sales promotion
    • B) Pricing
    • C) Public relations
    • D) Advertising