Marketing Quiz, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    Relationship marketing is a consistent application of up to date knowledge of individual customers to product and service design. Why it is communicated interactively to customers?

    • A) For delivering short term value & satisfaction to customers
    • B) For delivering long term value & satisfaction to customers
    • C) For delivering short term value to management
    • D) For delivering long term value to management

  2. 2)

    The marketing concept is a philosophy that states that an organization determines the needs and wants of target markets and delivers the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors do. What is the impact of this philosophy on the organization?

    • A) Increase market share
    • B) Increase sales of the products
    • C) Achieve the organization’s goals
    • D) Provide quality products

  3. 3)

    The digital age will fundamentally change customers’ thinking of convenience, speed, price, product information and service. This new consumer thinking will affect which one of the following businesses?

    • A) A few businessesA few businesses
    • B) Established businesses
    • C) Every business
    • D) Starting up businesses

  4. 4)

    The first step in the marketing control process is BEST described when the marketer performs which of the following activities?

    • A) Evaluates performance
    • B) Measures performance
    • C) Sets specific goals
    • D) Takes corrective action

  5. 5)

    The strategic marketing process is how an organization allocates its marketing mix resources to reach its:

    • A) Stated business idea
    • B) Target market
    • C) Competition
    • D) Area of expertise

  6. 6)

    Which of the following sets refers to the order or sequence of marketing management functions?

    • A) Control – implementation – market planning
    • B) Market planning – control – implementation
    • C) Implementation – control – market planning
    • D) Marketing planning – implementation - control

  7. 7)

    Which one of the following is NOT a trend in the natural environment?

    • A) The increased cost of energy
    • B) A shortage of raw material
    • C) Government intervention
    • D) Changing consumer spending pattern

  8. 8)

    The objective of which of the following research is to gather preliminary information that will help define the problem and suggest hypotheses?

    • A) Descriptive
    • B) Exploratory
    • C) Causal
    • D) Corrective

  9. 9)

    Survey research, called the backbone of primary research, is the most widely used method for primary data collection and is best suited for gathering which of the following information?

    • A) Personal
    • B) Attitude
    • C) Descriptive
    • D) Exploratory

  10. 10)

    General Motors need to assess the company's image relative to a new competitor. The time schedule is flexible, the research budget is very limited and a low response rate will not be a major problem. Which one of the following survey would be used by General Motors?

    • A) Mail
    • B) Telephone
    • C) Personal interview
    • D) Population