Marketing Quiz#4, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    ABC Company wants to learn about consumer attitudes toward mail order purchases and conducts a study to acquire this information. Which one of the following data would BEST be classified for this study?

    • A) Causal
    • B) Experimental
    • C) Primary
    • D) Secondary

  2. 2)

    A social and managerial process by which individuals and organizations obtain what they need and want through value creation refers to which one of the following concepts?

    • A) Selling
    • B) Advertising
    • C) Barter
    • D) Marketing

  3. 3)

    A business can have excellent products and services due to excellent marketing skills and techniques that are essential for a company's success. So what are the requirements needed for today’s marketer to achieve the organization‘s goals? ► Neither creativity nor critical thinking skills

    • A) Neither creativity nor critical thinking skills
    • B) Both creativity and critical thinking skills
    • C) Critical thinking skills but not creativity
    • D) Creativity but not critical thinking

  4. 4)

    A marketing manager of a large consumer foods company is studying distribution, promotion, and price of the company's product. Marketing manager is studying which one of the following concepts?

    • A) Marketing plan
    • B) Marketing strategy
    • C) Marketing mix
    • D) Market offering

  5. 5)

    Which one of the following phrases reflects the marketing concept?

    • A) The supplier is a king in the market
    • B) Marketing should be viewed as hunting not gardening
    • C) This is what I make, won’t you please buy it?
    • D) This is what I want, won’t you please make it?

  6. 6)

    What are we going to do? And, how are we going to do? In which of the following categories these two questions fall?

    • A) Researching
    • B) Planning
    • C) Controlling
    • D) Managing

  7. 7)

    XYZ Company purchased Hear Music and began making compilation music CDs to play and sell in its stores. It has also tested new restaurant concepts; XYZ Company is considering which of the following strategies?

    • A) Product development
    • B) Market development
    • C) Diversification
    • D) Market penetration

  8. 8)

    The strategic marketing process is how an organization allocates its marketing mix resources to reach its: ► Stated business idea

    • A) Stated business idea
    • B) Target market
    • C) Competition
    • D) Area of expertise

  9. 9)

    Business markets can be segmented on the basis of all of the following variables EXCEPT:

    • A) Personal characteristics
    • B) Operating variables
    • C) Selling approaches
    • D) Situational factors

  10. 10)

    In a Michael Porter Model, which one of the following options is a major tool in the identification of ways to create value in an organization?

    • A) Chain model
    • B) The BCG model
    • C) Five forces model
    • D) Value chain model