Brand Management Quiz#4, MCQs

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  1. 1)

    One of the top responsibilities of senior management is to develop:

    • A) Business
    • B) Brand
    • C) Product
    • D) Quality

  2. 2)

    Any brand at pinnacle of “brand value pyramid” testifies that:

    • A) Need it is fulfilling was wrongly identified
    • B) Need it is fulfilling was rightly identified
    • C) Target market is too small to generate these options
    • D) None of the above

  3. 3)

    You do not give the same treatment to a fake brand even it carries the label that may look genuine because:

    • A) the actual brand is not there
    • B) the actual product is not there
    • C) the actual brand is there
    • D) the actual product is there

  4. 4)

    Which of the following is the set of promises that a brand makes to customers:

    • A) Brand Contract
    • B) Brand Association
    • C) Brand Persona
    • D) Brand Equity

  5. 5)

    A brand must offer a:

    • A) Superior value proposition
    • B) Lower value proposition
    • C) Medium value proposition
    • D) Best value proposition

  6. 6)

    Which of the following is basically getting into different versions of same base product on the same market?

    • A) Brand diversification
    • B) Line extension
    • C) Brand differentiation
    • D) Brand segmentation

  7. 7)

    Which of the followings are kinds of brand extension?

    • A) Line extension
    • B) Brand diversification
    • C) Both A and B
    • D) None of the above

  8. 8)

    A strong brand refers to which one of the followings?

    • A) Offers greater potential to charge a premium price
    • B) Helps to recover development and launch cost
    • C) Provides large base of loyal customers
    • D) All of the above

  9. 9)

    Which one of the followings refers to “stretching your brand into new product fields”

    • A) Line extension
    • B) Brand diversification
    • C) Brand equity
    • D) Brand management

  10. 10)

    Criteria to update brand position include which of the following?

    • A) Uniqueness
    • B) Credibility
    • C) Sustainability
    • D) All of the above